Diabetes Wellness Australia is a 26 week online health and wellness program created by Dr Ross Walker and delivered by our team of expert health professionals. Our program is designed to help people manage their blood sugar levels, gain energy and even achieve type 2 diabetes remission.

We know that a successful program must be:

  • Effective
  • Enjoyable
  • And, provide you with loads of support.

With one-on-one support from an Accredited Dietitian and Health Coach, access to an all-inclusive app, education webinars and more, our holistic programs will help you manage your diabetes, improve your health and create sustainable habits that last.

  • People with pre-diabetes
  • ​People with type 2 diabetes
  • ​People with a family history of Type 2 diabetes
  • ​​People at risk of heart disease or diabetes
  • ​​People with blood sugar concerns who want to prevent the onset of diabetes

Our program offers simple and sustainable solutions to help our clients gain better control of their diabetes and work towards remission.

We do this by providing individualised advice through one-on-one support sessions with a dietitian and health coach, in addition to education webinars, recipe guides and more.

Here are some of the main areas we focus on in the program:

  • Nutrition – how to manage your blood sugar levels and achieve a healthy, balanced diet
  • ​Exercise – helping you move in ways you enjoy
  • Mindset – helping you adopt a growth mindset to overcome obstacles, and improve self confidence
  • ​Behaviour change – to help you create healthy habits that are sustainable in the long term
  • ​Overcoming emotional eating patterns
  • ​Diabetes education and support
  • Managing your diabetes and achieving diabetes remission
  • Improving health markers such as HbA1c, fasting BSLs
  • Reducing diabetes medication
  • ​Reducing risk of diabetes-related complications e.g. kidney and heart disease
  • ​​Regaining health, energy and confidence
  • ​Reducing waist circumference and clothing size

More Subtle Benefits:

  • Freedom from the stress and worry of diabetes
  • Fitting into your old clothes
  • ​​Feeling more confident in social situations

At Diabetes Wellness Australia, we understand there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution when it comes to managing diabetes and achieving remission. That’s why our evidenced-based programs are personalised to your lifestyle, preferences and goals. That way, you’re more likely to change your habits, and sustain them in the long term.

We also believe that one-on-one support with an expert is the key to success. With frequent calls with your Accredited Dietitian and Health Coach plus 24/7 access to an all-inclusive app, recipe guides, a private online community and more, you’re guaranteed to feel supported every step of the way.

As far as we know, no other program or service gives as much education and support as we do. If you’re interested to gain insights into the experiences of our valued clients, we encourage you to read Diabetes Wellness Australia reviews.

When you join our 26 week program, you’ll gain access to:

  • Regular calls with your very own accredited dietitian and health coach – to help you navigate and manage your diabetes, and support you every step of the way.
  • Personalised advice based on your recent health markers – so it’s individualised to your condition
  • 24/7 access to an all-inclusive app and web portal – with features including goal setting, food and water tracking, educational resources and more!
  • A diabetes education course – delivered in short, easy to understand webinars to help you manage your diabetes, available via your phone or laptop.
  • ​Access to a private online community to share wins, receive support and encouragement from like-minded people who are on a similar journey.
  • An exercise program designed by an Exercise Physiologist – individualised to your lifestyle and personal preferences, so you’re moving in ways you enjoy.
  • A collection of simple, delicious and nourishing recipe guides – curated by Accredited Practising Dietitians and guaranteed to be enjoyed by the whole family
  • Unlimited support from our team of expert professionals – to help you get one step closer to your health and wellness goals.
  • And more!

Yes. Because our programs are delivered by Accredited Practising Dietitians, you can use NDIS funding to join the program. Please ensure you check to see if you can qualify for funding.

Yes. As our programs include Accredited Practising Dietitians (APD), you can use your private health to claim – depending on your level of cover. Once you join the program, you can elect to receive regular invoices to provide to your health fund.

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Ready to Defeat Type 2 Diabetes?

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